Clean, family friendly, office safe humor

Drunk man

A man wakes up with a major hangover from his work’s Christmas party. As he starts to focus on the room, he notices 2 aspirin and a glass of water by the bed. He also notices that the room is cleaner than normal.

He goes into the bathroom and begins to get ready for the day. On the mirror he sees a note from his wife with hearts on it. “Honey, your breakfast is warm on the stove. I have gone to the store so that I can make your favorite meal tonight”.

He is totally confused by what this means.

He walks downstairs, and there is a wonderful hot breakfast waiting for him. His son is sitting at the table eating.

He asks his son, “What happened last night?”

His son responds, “You came home about 3am totally drunk. You fell on the coffee table and smashed it. Then you threw up all over the hall. Mom helped you upstairs. When she was trying to undress you and take off your pants, you hollered, ‘Don’t do that… I’m married!'”.

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