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Economist dies…

One day an economist died and was accidentally sent to hell. As we all know, all dogs and economists go to heaven, but in this instance old saint Peter was off his game and our economist joined all the rapists, murderers and forex traders in the underworld.

After a few weeks in hell the economist realizes that it’s not such a bad place after all, it’s just chronically mismanaged. So he implements a plan.

Within a few months the economy in hell is booming. He has the budget in surplus which enables the devil to spend on infrastructure, and investment funds start to flow in, increasing capital expenditures throughout the entire hellish economy.

After a year or two God looks down and notices that the standard of living in hell has increased to the point that most of his angels are booking their summer vacations there. The beaches are lovely, and face it, heaven is the last place you’re gonna find someone who can mix a decent cocktail.

He phones the devil to ask what’s going on. Satan explains that they have employed the services of an economist to fix their economy.

God is not happy. “You know that all economists go to heaven” he yelled, “send him back immediately or we’re going to sue you”

The devil just laughed and replied, “As if! Where are you gonna get your hands on a lawyer?”

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