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Give the frog a loan

A large green frog, covered all over with long green hair, hops into a bank, jumps up on the counter, and says to the young blond teller, “I want a loan.”

The Teller smiles brightly and says, “Good morning, sir! You’ll have to see the Loan Officer for that. Her office is down the hall, third or fourth on the left. Patricia Wack, you’ll see the sign. Have a nice day! Next?”

The frog thanks her, hops off the counter, down the indicated hall, and turns in at the sign. He jumps up on the desk in front of the Loan Officer, who has silvery blond hair and is wearing a matching string of pearls, and says, “I want a loan.”

The Loan Officer, somewhat startled, forgets the usual smile and greeting, skips several lines of the script, and says, “W-w-we must have something to secure the loan, some Collateral.”

At that, the frog pulls out a ceramic lion, places it on the desk in front of her with a wide smile: “How’s this?”

She studies the lion for a minute or so, then tells him, “I’ll have to get it appraised. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She picks up the lion, goes back up the hall and click-clack, click-clack across the tiled lobby to the Branch Manager’s office, smacks the ceramic lion down on his desk, and tells him, “I have this Frog with Long Green Hair in my Office, Sitting on my desk, who says he wants a Loan, and This is what he has to secure it. I don’t even know what this thing Is!” She pats a strand of silvery blond hair back in place.

“Hmm. Well, obviously,” the Branch Manager says, “It’s a knick-knack, Patti Wack: give the frog a loan.”

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