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You know you are a forex trader when…

  • You begin to view relationships in terms of scoring a point and pulling back.
  • You can’t view a football game without seeing bulls and bears.
  • You dream of Japanese candlesticks at night.
  • You are handed a dollar bill and you imagine how many euros, pounds, yens or pesos that would be.
  • You want to analyze world history using Japanese candlesticks.
  • You are asked what time it is, and you respond with London time (instead of the time zone you are in).
  • You naturally wake up when the London session opens, and you don’t need to set an alarm.
  • You view life in one of three states: uptrend, downtrend, or consolidation.
  • You define depression as being in a downtrend. Then you start looking for Gartleys, crowns, MACD divergence for possible trend reversals.
  • You feel your life is not going up or down, but it is consolidating and you wonder if the consolidation is large enough for you to profit from taking the ride down as well as the ride up.
  • You want to purchase a stuffed animal bull and a stuffed animal bear so that you can play with them while you trade.

Written by Larene Wade Spitler
“Forex Mom”

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